Dual Education for America

Dual education is the idea that students are split into two brackets of education. One leading to colleges and advance occupations and the other leads to learning trade skills. Would dual education benefit American society? Would it help better our school systems and provide students with sufficient jobs and vocation for their work ethics and quality of their work? Yes. Dual education is the answer for America.  In my opinion this system is excellent because it allows students who work harder and are more intelligent  to go into the “School Section.” This allows them to go to college and earn degrees for more sophisticated occupations. While the students who do not work as hard (not meaning they are not as intelligent) go for the “Apprenticeship Section.”  In this section  they work for companies and go to “Vocational School” which is much like a trade school, in America. In the companies and Vocational School the students learn the trade they want to perform. Dual Education creates answers to the problems in standard American schooling. The first being that vocational training teaches the student in one path and does not include learning all advanced skills. For example a cook would not need to take advanced calculus. This helps the “cook” to focus on cooking instead of other unnecessary skills. This way of education appeals to the societal and economic way of living because if there is a  shortage of a job or to much lower or upper class the standards of the two brackets can be changed. It is a simple and effective method of educational delivery bound to boost the economy.

The test is called the Gesellenprüfung (in Germany) which is taken at the beginning of the 10th grade, however if you fail you may extend your period to the end of the 10th grade. The lower bracket of the testing is the Apprenticeship Section or the “Vocational Training.” Where these students are usually put into companies and they work and learn how to perform their occupation 3 to 5 days a week. There are 60 days included in vocational school, to teach students things the companies can not. Companies will usually pay for vocational training of the future workers because they believe that is how they will obtain better staff and more effective workers.  In America this will help associate workers to their company and will decrease unemployment due to the workers able to earn a living. Just seeing some of the kids in my school who don’t try I worry for them. They might not make it when they are on their own. If there was a system like Dual Education those kids would be guaranteed jobs in companies and be able to earn a living.

If a student finishes in the upper bracket of the Gesellenprüfung test they are put into the “School Section” also known as the “Professional Training.” This allows them to  attend colleges and get higher class jobs. These people are eligible to participate in government and higher paying jobs. However, this system pertains to the individual which means that even if your parents are in higher class jobs you have the same chance as anyone else to be in either bracket. This system rewards the motivated intelligent workers and gives everyone the education they deserve.

Dual Education is more effective in many ways. As young kids, students must try harder and create better work ethics in order to get into the Professional Training bracket. If they don’t qualify for the professional track they are still guaranteed jobs and money when they work for companies and attend vocational schools. This allows trainees to take tasks slowly because even at the start they becomes part of the company. This is to test whether students are able to perform under real conditions.

These are the reasons I believe that Dual Education is very profitable and effective in any civilization including the great country of America. It will make sure that current students who plan on “dropping out” will contribute, to society. Which strengthens the workforce which in turn creates money flow and strengthens the economy. Every day I go to school and I see people that I know will be flattened by the burdens of real life. Dual Education can give those people a second chance by allowing people who would have failed in life a new beginning with jobs that develops their personality and ethics.

Skye currently attends Palm Desert High School as a sophomore. Throughout the courses of YOTUS he thought he was Republican however has since learned that he is truly Democratic.