Agustina Becker

Alexander Nabavi-Noori

Alexander is the founder of YOTUS and a Political Science & Economics Double-Major at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has written for the UCLA Undergraduate Law Journal and hopes to attend Law School after graduating.

Alison Sexson

Angelica Franco

Angelica Franco is a senior at Palm Desert High School. She is interested in studying Anthropology in the future.


Courtney Kantowski

Courtney Kantowski is currently a senior at Palm Desert High School. She is hoping to attend University of Texas at Austin in Fall of 2015, and hopes to study Law.

Daniel Smith

Danny is a high schooler that attends Palm Desert High School. He is interested in Engineering and Economics. He primarily sides with Democrats, but looks at all sides of an issue.

Donee Chin

Donee Chin is a Senior at Palm Desert High School. She aspires to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and study Cognitive Sciences.


Kodiak Ravicz

Kodiak is a senior at Palm Desert High School. He is a founding member and Chief of Meetings of the Palm Desert YOTUS chapter. Kodiak has served for two years as a member of JSA and identifies himself as an independent on most political issues. He will likely pursue computer science and a foreign language in college although he is still undecided.

Matthew Levine

Co-Creator of Youth of the United States (YOTUS). Proud Jew and even prouder American. Sign is Scorpio.

Meredith Whitaker

Meredith Whitaker is the JSA Chapter President at Olentangy Liberty High. She is currently a sophomore.

Michael Lahanas

Michael Lahanas is the JSA Governor-elect for the Ohio River Valley State. He is currently a rising junior at Miamisburg High School.

Noah Estep

Noah is a senior at Palm Desert High School. He hopes to attend The College of William & Mary and major in Marketing.

Skye Lander

Skye currently attends Palm Desert High School as a sophomore. Throughout the courses of YOTUS he thought he was Republican however has since learned that he is truly Democratic.

Thomas Emison

Thomas is a senior at Palm Desert High School and plays for the high school soccer team. He is a part of of the Medical Explorers of the Desert club and is planning on majoring in biomedical engineering. Currently, he stands socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

Veton Radoni

Veton is a 16 year old high school senior attending PDHS. His family immigrated to America in 1999 in order to escape war in Kosovo. He grew up in Palm Desert with his older brother and sister, and plans to attend a university immediately after graduating high school.

Winston Underwood

Winston Underwood is the JSA Governor for the Ohio River Valley Junior State. He is currently a senior at Dublin Scioto High School in Dublin, Ohio.