Submission Guidelines

YOTUS Creative Writing Rubric

Youth of the United States is based on the desire to have high school students learn more about and express interests in politics. The YOTUS Blog is the key outlet for our students to express what they have learned in our seminars and what they have experienced in their own lives. Posts approved by the editors can be on any topic the author wishes to write about, in the form of a short, standard, or published piece. A short piece would be a post in reaction to breaking news in current events and will have a 1 week drafting period. Standard pieces are the crux of the blog, they will be special interest stories with credible source information that will be drafted for a 3 week period. Published pieces are editorials that will be submitted into the YOTUS publication and will be drafted during the seminars. All pieces will be subject to approval by the editors but writers have free reign to choose what they write about. Publication information will be coming soon.

Standard Piece

Content approved by Matthew, Xander, and Meredith

Minimum 550 word count

Maximum 1250 word count

At least two sources, must be credible

MLA Formatting

2 or 3 weeks draft period

Image for post and for author bio

Sent to Matthew or Meredith for editing



Short Piece

Content approved by Matthew and Meredith

Maximum 500 words

Sources dictating on the topic of piece

1 week draft period

Image for post and for author bio

Sent to Matthew


Published Piece

Content approved by Matthew, Xander, Winston

Minimum 750 word count

At least 4 sources

MLA Formatting

Image for post and author bio

Sent to Matthew, Xander, Winston for editing.



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